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Reasons for Abstinence

If the risk of STD's and pregnancy are not enough of a reason to wait to have sex, think about the reasons why you are even considering going this route in your relationship. Are you ready? Why do you want to have sex: to become emothionally closer, peer pressure, boredom? Guys and Girls look at sex very differently. This excerpt from the Heritage Foundation talks about the differences:

Males and Females look at each other in very different ways. Guys are wired for sex. They think about it a lot. For most guys, it is their goal, something to compete for, something that other guys look up to them for when they "score".

Girls, on the other hand, look for a relationship with a guy. When a girl fantasizes about the perfect guy, he will be a friend - someone who will listen, really listen to her. He will understand her feelings, defend her honor and cherish her for who she is. She wants someone who she can connect with emotionally more than physically. For girls sex isn't the goal - it is just one part of a permanent, meaningful relationship.

Guys here is something to think about; "...you probably have wondered who you will marry. You probably want a woman who will be faithful to you. What's the connection between sex now and a wife later? Every girl you have sex with will be somebody's wife later. You should treat every girl that you go out with the way you want other guys to treat your future wife."

What are the consequences of abstinence? How about emotional health, better self-esteem, more respect for each other and more self-respect. Here is a list of 14 things to do instead of having sex:

  • Go on a picnic with friends
  • Bake cookies
  • Go out to dinner
  • Wash each others car
  • Plan a mystery dinner for friends
  • Go bowling
  • Ride bikes on the boardwalk or bike path
  • Take a walk together
  • Spend an evening with each other's family
  • Hide love notes where the other will find them
  • Get some culture go to a play or the ballet
  • Have a campfire, make smores
  • Tye-dye T-shirts
  • Blow up balloons and stuff a friends car


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